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COTs and the Commercials

The chart above shows the COT figures for the net positions of Commercials and Large Investors in Comex gold futures during the past 3 years. The chart shows that the Commercials have increased their net short position in gold futures to the largest level in some years. One has to go back to October 2005 to find a similarly large net short position. The other side of the trade has been taken by Large Investors and their net long position is now also at its largest, again the same as it was in October 2005.

What happened after this situation last occurred in 2005? The gold price then was $470 and it subsequently embarked on a rapid rise to $730 (a gain of 55%) in just 7 months! If the same thing happens on this occasion, a 55% gain would place the gold price at over $1,000 within 7 months - and that would be VERY bad news for the Commercials.

1 Oct, 2007
Alf Field

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