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Aktienbaer 16.10.2004 12:44

FASHION-Tipp Saddam T-Shirt

...nun ja die Zeiten werden "härter" :hihi

germanasti 16.10.2004 12:52

In puncto Deutschland bleibt Jens Erhardt aber arg befangen, wohl auch weil er mit seiner Liquidität hierzulande mächtig investiert ist. :rolleyes:

Aus einer hohen Sparquote massive Konsumbereitschaft zu orakeln, während Amerika ob der nicht existenten Sparquote ein Bremsklotz sein wird, ist an Aberwitz kaum mehr zu überbieten.
Die Amis konsumieren auch dann noch fröhlich weiter wenn sie gar kein Geld mehr haben, eben auf Kredit, während in Deutschland bereits der kleinste Pessimismus für weitere Zurückhaltung ausrecht. Eben eien völlig andere Mentalität.
Deshalb dürfen solche Vergleiche auch nicht angestrebt werden!

Förster 16.10.2004 12:54

germa :rotekarte

link gehört dazu, sonst :haue

germanasti 16.10.2004 12:56

E-Mail :o

germanasti 16.10.2004 12:57

Die schon in FW Nr. 30

publizierte, am historischen Hoch stehende

Leerverkaufsquote von Aktien an der

Technologiebörse NASDAQ spricht für eine weitere

Kurserholung bei den Technologieaktien (jenem

Börsenteil, der in diesem Jahr sowie im

Vergleich der letzten fünf Jahre bisher am schlechtesten



& so schauts auch bei Intel aus. :o

Wieso geht der Dreck net hoch? :dumm

nasdaq10.000 16.10.2004 13:00

16. Oktober 2004
Neues Milliardenloch bei Bundesagentur
Bundesrechnungshof: Hartz IV nahezu wirkungslos


germanasti 16.10.2004 13:00

Samstag 16. Oktober 2004, 09:50 Uhr

"Wetten, dass... ?" in China auf Sendung



Bin gespannt wie lange es dauert bis die Chinesen das abkopieren & Gottschalk wieder rauswerfen. :rolleyes:

Förster 16.10.2004 13:00

hartz10.000 :zz

germanasti 16.10.2004 13:01

Zitat von nasdaq10.000

Daimler hat in den USA binnen kurzer Zeit
20.000 Chrysler-Mitarbeiter an die frische Luft gesetzt.

Noi nicht Daimler, sondern die Firma Chrysler nach amerikanischen Tugenden!

germanasti 16.10.2004 13:10

Beschäftigte sollen auf Lohn verzichten

Opel plant Auffanggesellschaft


& wieder die schon so oft angesprochenen 20-30% niedrigeren Löhne.

Wieviele der Opel-Werker aber jetzt sofort auf ein Viertel des Lohnes verzichten können ohne finanziell zu kollabieren? :rolleyes:

germanasti 16.10.2004 13:11

Samstag 16. Oktober 2004, 12:11 Uhr

Wirtschaft will Mitbestimmung drastisch beschneiden


syracus 16.10.2004 13:47

Morgähn :p! :respekt @ germa, wie lang hast du da mal wieder getippt :eek:?

Blasts Hit Churches, Hotel, Hospital in Baghdad

1 hour, 10 minutes ago
By Alistair Lyon

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Explosions damaged churches and hit a hospital and hotel in Baghdad on Saturday in fresh challenges to Iraq (news - web sites)'s U.S.-backed interim government.

The government, trying to pacify the country before elections in January, has vowed to restore state authority in rebel bastions such as the Sunni Muslim city of Falluja, if necessary by force.

A rocket or mortar attack in the compound of the Ibn al-Bitar hospital in central Baghdad killed one person and wounded five, witnesses and hospital officials said.

A rocket struck the car park of the Mansour Melia hotel, where some foreign news organizations are based, damaging vehicles but causing no casualties.

Five churches were hit in a string of bomb attacks before dawn that were apparently meant to intimidate Iraq's small but deep-rooted Christian community, already shaken by a deadlier series of bombings of churches that killed 11 people in August.

A nightwatchman was jolted out of bed to find the St Rum church in the central Karrada district had been gutted, its pulpit and pews reduced to ashes.

"This is no good. We live in fear," said Marlene Mikhail, 40, sitting in her home with crosses and icons on the walls.

Iraq's estimated 650,000 Christians make up about three percent of the population. Most are Chaldeans, Assyrians and Catholics.

The U.S. military has accused its top enemy in Iraq, Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, of carrying out bombings aimed at fueling sectarian strife and civil war.

U.S. forces have intensified air strikes on suspected Zarqawi bases in Falluja, saying these are part of a drive to thwart attacks in Iraq during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Zarqawi's group claimed responsibility for twin suicide bombings that killed five people, including three Americans, inside Baghdad's fortified Green Zone on Thursday.


Those bombings have reinforced U.N. fears about sending more senior staff to Iraq to help prepare for the elections, a spokesman at U.N. headquarters in New York said.

The U.N. pulled all international staff out of Iraq last year after two bomb attacks on U.N. headquarters in Baghdad, and now keeps no more than 35 staffers in the country.

Interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi threatened on Wednesday to attack Falluja unless its people handed over militants loyal to Zarqawi. City notables who had been in peace talks with the government deny knowledge of the Jordanian's network.

U.S. forces detained chief Falluja negotiator Khaled al-Jumaili on Friday, police in the rebel-held town said.

British troops could move nearer Baghdad to cover for U.S. soldiers fighting in Falluja and elsewhere, British media said on Saturday. It would be the first time British troops have operated outside the relatively quiet Basra area in the south.

Up to 650 troops would be involved in the move, which would be meant to last for just a few weeks, the BBC said.

A Ministry of Defense spokesman in London said no decision had been made.

An American soldier died after a car bomb attack on Friday in the northern city of Mosul, the U.S. military said. That brought the U.S. combat death toll in Iraq to 832.

The U.S. military is investigating the reported refusal this week by some U.S. troops to take part in a supply convoy in Iraq. A statement called it an "isolated incident."

Family members of some of the nearly 20 troops told a U.S. newspaper that security for the fuel trucks was inadequate.

The military statement said 19 members of the 343rd Quartermaster Company, a unit that moves water and other supplies for American troops, did not report to formation to prepare for their assigned convoy mission on Wednesday morning.

syr :rolleyes:

germanasti 16.10.2004 13:51


2,5 Stunden.
Soviele Gedanken gehabt. :)

nasdaq10.000 16.10.2004 13:54

15.10.2004, Ifo-Chef Sinn:
Weitere Konzerne werden Probleme bekommen

Die Krisen beim Autokonzern Opel und dem Handelsriesen KarstadtQuelle werden nach Auffassung des Konjunkturexperten Hans-Werner Sinn keine Ausnahme bleiben. Der Präsident des Münchner Ifo-Instituts sagte in der Samstag-Ausgabe des «Tagesspiegel» voraus, dass andere deutsche Unternehmen ähnliche Probleme bekommen. Schuld daran seien die hohen Arbeitskosten in Deutschland. «Wenn wir unsere Wettbewerbsfähigkeit behalten wollen, müssen wir die Lohnkosten drücken.» Als Ausweg schlug Sinn vor, länger für das gleiche Geld zu arbeiten, den Betrieben mehr Tarifautonomie zu geben, beim Kündigungsschutz zurückzurudern und die «Lohnkonkurrenz» des Sozialstaates in eine «Lohnpartnerschaft» umzuwandeln. Außerdem müsse der Staat seine Sozialleistungen abspecken und das Bildungssystem überholen.

dohanics 16.10.2004 14:01

optim :)

haste schon gelesen?

Willie Jacobs: Executive, Gold Fields Limited

By: Alec Hogg

Posted: 2004/10/14 Thu 21:00 | © Moneyweb 1997-2004

MONEYWEB: Hallo there and welcome to the Moneyweb Power Hour. I’m Alec Hogg and it's my pleasure to be in your company this evening. Well, every year the World Economic Forum ranks countries in their companies against each other. The Global Competitiveness Report, as it's called, is closely followed by investors and it provides an excellent guide to a nation’s progress for economic policymakers and citizens alike. In tonight’s top story we’ll link up with the man behind the report. He’s in Washington right now. We’ll ask him to assess South Africa’s performance.

But first, as was widely expected, Reserve Bank governor Tito Mboweni left interest rates unchanged at the October Monetary Policy Committee Meeting in Pretoria today. We’ll pick up on that story in just a moment, but let’s kick off tonight’s programme with Willie Jacobs who’s an executive at Gold Fields Limited.

Willie, rumours are rife that Gold Fields is being lined up for a takeover. Clearly you’ve heard the rumours, but is there any truth in them?

WILLIE JACOBS: Well, Alec, as you know Johannesburg’s a mining town and mining towns thrive on rumours. We’ve also heard the rumours. Our lawyers have us on a tight leash not to comment on market speculation, so I’ll pass on this one.

MONEYWEB: Have you been having any discussions though with anyone?

WILLIE JACOBS: No, we haven’t, Alec. We just have the normal discussions in the normal course of our business.

MONEYWEB: So if the rumours are true, then I guess one has to presume it would be a hostile takeover.

WILLIE JACOBS: Alec, I cannot comment on that.

MONEYWEB: There’s another thing that I must ask you about. We reported last night that you’ve appointed Goldman Sachs, a big New York firm, as your advisers to handle a defence against any possible takeover. Have you had any discussions whatsoever with Goldman or any other financial services group?

WILLIE JACOBS: Alec, we’ve had longstanding relationships with a large number of banks here in Johannesburg and elsewhere in the world. We certainly haven’t appointed any advisers on the basis of this rumour.

MONEYWEB: What about the relationship that you have with the Russian group Norilsk? They own 20% of Gold Fields. Is that a good relationship?

WILLIE JACOBS: Alec, when we last spoke to them, which was about two weeks ago, the relationship was cordial. We’ve got no reason to believe that anything has changed in the interim.

MONEYWEB: So you met with them two weeks ago?

WILLIE JACOBS: Ian Cockerill had a discussion with them, yes.

MONEYWEB: And at that point was there any indication that they’d be interested in selling their shares?

WILLIE JACOBS: None whatsoever.

MONEYWEB: Or in increasing their shareholding?

WILLIE JACOBS: None whatsoever.

MONEYWEB: What kind of things do you talk about at meetings like that?

WILLIE JACOBS: Alec, you will recall that, when they took the shareholding, shortly after that both Norilsk and ourselves indicated that we were going to pursue discussions to see if there is a way that we can work together into the future. And over the past few months since that announcement we’ve had a number of discussions with them, and the discussions which we have reported in our previous quarterlies and so forth. So the discussions would generally relate to that.

MONEYWEB: And cordial.

WILLIE JACOBS: Yes, cordial, absolutely.

MONEYWEB: Willie Jacobs, executive at Gold Fields Limited. Well, Paul Theron, not a whole lot he was able to say because, as he said, the lawyers have got them on a tight leash, but where there’s smoke …

PAUL THERON: Yes, I suppose. I mean Barry indicated in that rumour-gathering of his that he’d heard Goldman had been appointed. I heard about two or three months ago from my deep-throat sources that JP Morgan in fact had been given that role, just after the acquisition, and that the public face was that they were happy. But the boardroom or executive-suite view was one of shock and horror. But you know these things ebb and flow. It's certainly a sector where they need to keep on doing these kinds of deals, because the business valuations are so absurd that you need to keep active in the market because the operating conditions are not exactly fantastic right now.

MONEYWEB: Well, we’ll be developing that story, no doubt, in the next little while.

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